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About us

We insist on the business philosophy of establishing diversified services to meet customers' needs and mastering the core technology of the industry. We are actively working with professional and excellent manufacturers to obtain stable and high quality network supply, reduce costs and achieve the level of both quality and quantity.

We are committed to providing stable, secure, and high-quality Internet business services to guide and educate our customers on the proper use of Internet technology as a popular business tool for marketing, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement, and to continuously invest in research and development of Internet technology and strive for innovation to provide professional Internet information services for enterprises and create the era of Internet business.

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Our Services

From computer maintenance, website building to e-commerce, Li wei feng Co., Ltd. can provide solutions that satisfy customers.

  • Computer Maintenance

    Can't find someone to handle your computer problems? Do you often have trouble with software conflicts? Are you afraid of the store's aimlessly shouting prices? We give you the best price, the fastest processing speed, and the most attentive care for your host.
  • Host lease

    Li Wei Feng Co., Ltd. explores the digital technology physical host rental service, so that customers have the highest management permission (root / administrator) of the host operating system, and enjoy the complete hardware and bandwidth resources of the host. Customers can respond to the website The operating characteristics and actual needs adjust the host environment. Regardless of the flexibility, independence, and connection quality, the performance of the dedicated host is better than the virtual server (Virtual Server). Through TAKI's collection of digital technology professional host management and consulting, data and hardware backup system support, as well as safe, fast, and stable connection quality, it will effectively enhance customers' operating efficiency.
  • Cloud program planning, e-commerce planning

    Li Wei Feng Co., Ltd. is good at programming, shopping system, multimedia webpage and website design, and is committed to providing business solutions such as e-commerce, customized websites, online marketing, and online cash flow.

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